About Me

My name is John, I am a registered nurse who has worked for 2.5 years in Medical-Surgical nursing and recently transferred to the Emergency Department where I find myself working after Med-Surge. Being a nurse is such a fulfilling job that I get to help someone on their worst days and celebrate with them on their best days. Seeing another person feel better, smile, and heal is the true meaning of nursing for me because I know that I did my job as a nurse.

Furthermore, I am also, now a content creator, which is why I created this merch store because I want you to have something that can remind you of me and our friendship. I would never think in a million years that I will be able to share my life, humour, and work with all of you and what really amazes me is that this feels just like nursing someone because if I can make you laugh a little then I did my job.

Thank you again so much, always remember that you are loved, you matter, you can take up space, it is okay to feel the way you feel, yourself goes first before others and take each day one Nurse John video at a time.


Nurse John