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  • Bianca B

    RN, BScN, Youth Community Nurse

    I became a nurse because I’ve always wanted to work in health care and help empower people in their health.
    I have loved biology since a young age and wanted to connect with people on a meaningful level which is why I chose nursing. Being a youth community nurse gives me opportunities to interact with children and young adults and have a meaningful positive impact on how they envision the health care system as a whole.

  • Yusuf S

    RN BScN Canadian Army Medic, Northern Canada Nurse

    I choose nursing as a profession because it is honest and good work. It also keeps me on my feet and I’m able to give back to the community through this profession.

  • Danika B


    I decided to be a nurse because I wanted to have a profession where I would be able to help others in need, and always leave work knowing I made someone’s day brighter, also because nursing brings different opportunities where you can learn so much.

  • Audrey G


    I decided to become a PAB when covid hit. Before that I was a 911 dispatcher. When they needed someone to help in the CHSLDs, I embarked on a completely new adventure. I loved it so much that I am nearing the end of my DEC in care. I also plan to do my BAC.